1. It’s more personal and at the same time pretty darn grand. Some choose to have their wedding in a home garden because it’s an environment that is personal to them. For others, there is no greater cathedral than the outdoors.

2. Planning an outdoor event is an expression of faith, hope, and optimism. Let’s be honest…in most areas planning a garden wedding contains an element of risk. It might be over 100 degrees, rain, or (OMG) snow. When it comes to the out of doors, anything could happen! Which is similar to life. A garden wedding affirms that the happy couple are setting off on that adventure of uncertainty together.

3. Being surrounded by growing things is a good metaphor for a marriage. Plants are always growing and people should be too. A marriage should support the development and positive changes of the individuals and their relationship.

4. A garden wedding can be less expensive…maybe. You can, of course, spend as much on a garden wedding as on an indoor ceremony. When kept small and planned well, however, a garden wedding can be perfect for those on a budget.

5. More flowers. You can never have too many flowers at a wedding, and an outdoor venue offers the opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of blossoms.

6. Having your feet on the actual ground is a good reminder to stay grounded. The expression about keeping our feet on the ground is common because it is wise. Staying focused on the here and now and staying “down to earth” are helpful ways to proceed in a relationship. The ground is also the place that supports growth and anchors the roots that give you strength.

7. Gardens are life affirming. Gardens are the place where birth, growth, death and rejuvenation can be seen on a daily basis. In a garden there is always hope.

8. Pets are welcome to attend. Walk the Best Dog down the aisle, and have the cats join you at the alter. At an outdoor wedding the importance of pets as members of the family can be celebrated.

9. You can throw all the petals and rice you want. Some churches and halls have restrictions about what can be thrown after the ceremony. Petals and rice can be slippery when piled up on cement or asphalt. But when a wedding takes place on a lawn, such expressions of celebration can be as free as you like.

10 Your happiness just can’t be contained!   Nor should it be. Rejoice in a joy and love that is larger than all outdoors.


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