Some gardens have many green shrubs but nothing blooming during the time when the wedding or party takes place. Although one option is to put annuals in front of these plants or put containers filled with flowers in the area, one quick fix is to use a garden ornament. Be it a birdbath or sculpture, such focal points break up the expanse of foliage. You might even already have such a quick fix in another part of your yard.

Garden ornaments can also hide less-than-attractive portions of a plant. If you have a shrub that has a brown, dead area, for example, you could prune out the brown, dead areas and put a sculpture or birdbath in front of it. Notice that in the photo below there are portions of the plants that have dried, brown leaves. These aren’t as visible because the birdbath stops the eye before the viewer can focus on the dead leaves.

The key to making such garden ornaments effective is to be sure that they are big enough, and light enough in color, to be noticed. A black birdbath or wire ornament wouldn't show up against the shrubbery.

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