In the chill of the winter it’s hard to imagine how the garden will look and function for your wedding the following summer. Don’t panic: here are a few tips for beginning your plans in the coldest time of the year.

1. If you have photos of the garden during the summer time, put them in a folder on your computer or make a Pinterest board.

2. Use this time when you’re not distracted by blooming flowers and abundant foliage to plan logistics and make your lists.

3. Contact landscape professionals early if you think you’ll need help with pruning shrubs, lawn repair etc. Some of these jobs can be done either in late-winter or early spring and landscapers usually have more time in these seasons.

4. Winter is the best time to take care of all the other aspects of the wedding. You’ll be better able to tackle the gardens in the spring.

It’s difficult to imagine that this snow encrusted hydrangea bush will be filled with pink and blue flowers in July!

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