Do it yourself wedding brides love mason jars. They are widely available (the grocery store!), inexpensive, and casual. Today’s brides are loving a mix of rustic and sophisticated, and mason jars fit right in. Here are a couple of tips for those who love this look.

  • If you want mason jar arrangements on the table, but you want people to be able to see who is sitting across from them, use the small jars, placing three on a table for 8 or ten. Tables for six could have one small arrangement, especially if there are candles around the flowers or a lace doily or other fabric square underneath. (Idea: vintage handkerchiefs are lovely for this purpose. You could choose patterned or white, lacy or plain.)
  • If you want the look of pale green, vintage mason jars but can only afford clear, consider tinting the water. Important: add food coloring right before the wedding – if tinted too early the white flowers will take up the color and your pale roses or daisies might take on a greenish tint.
  • Consider buying mixed flower bouquets at the supermarket and using those for a country style wedding.

    This arrangement has river rocks in the jar. Pebbles not only are attractive if nature is important to the couple, but they also weight the arrangement in windy sites. Hint: put one layer at the bottom one rock thick, then add the flowers. Once the stems are in place gently push them away from the jar’s edge with one hand and slip smaller pebbles in on all sides with the other. This is easier than trying to force the stems into a jar of rocks.

    Here is an example of an arrangement made in a small mason jar. Two long strands of variegated ivy were cut from a hanging basket and tucked into the jar, then they were wound around the jar twice in opposite directions and tied together. Raffia was tied onto the rim after the ivy was in place. This jar was filled with roses and stock – fragrant and sweet.

    There is no reason that a mason jar has to remain clear. For a bride that loves jewel-tones, consider tinting the water purple.

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