Making boutonnieres is almost more fun than any other wedding flowers. Boutonnieres are small and they can be quirky. Here are some guidelines for making boutonnieres from your garden.

  • Look at grasses and seed pods as well as flowers.
  • If you use flowers and other materials that last without water you can make the boutonnieres two to three days in advance and keep them in the refrigerator. Flowers that are known to dry well are perfect.
  • To test your boutonniere materials, pick them and put them on a plate in your kitchen (out of the sun) for two days. The flowers, foliage and seed heads that still look great will be perfect for your boutonnieres.
  • Since these are flowers for guys, consider creative tying choices: twine, wire, pipe cleaners, and cord.

    Make the groom's boutonniere a bit larger than the groomsmen's arrangements. Use at least one element from the bride's bouquet that's not used in the other guys' arrangements. Here you see Billy-balls, Eryngium, maple seeds, yarrow, a poppy pod, and lavender.

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