Do you have a plant in your landscape that has an interesting shape or unusual foliage? A large shrub that is golden or variegated, for example, or an old tree with twisted trunks. If so, think about placing up facing spotlights on that plant for the wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Although permanent outdoor lighting is best done by an electrician, you can hook up something temporary for a night given portable worklights and a heavy-duty extension cord. Look for LED or Halogen models at home stores, and use them according to directions.

Aimed at special plants, night lighting not only provides focal points during a party but ambient illumination as well. You might find that you love this look so much that you want to call an electrician and have permanent outdoor spotlights installed.

This small dappled willow is perfect for illumination because it's variegated. When looking for plants that will show well with outdoor lighting, search for interesting shapes or light colored leaves.

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