Inspiration From The Fair

This photo was taken at a county fair in the garden club tent where garden flowers and foliage competed for ribbons. When I came across this photo I realized that there is inspiration here for an innovative, inexpensive wedding floral display. A group of narrow necked clear bottles could be gathered either in the center of a table or along the back of a buffet or bar. By placing assorted flowers and leaves, one per bottle, in these containers you quickly create a garden. Because there is only one specimen per jar the shapes and forms of the individual blossoms are shown off.

This is an especially good idea for those who are having June weddings and want to use garden flowers. Since the annuals aren’t often very prolific at that time, displaying individual perennial flowers and leaves would be a great alternative.

Imagine this table without all the name cards and prize ribbons and you end up with a flower garden display that echoes where your wedding just took place. For those brides who are really on a budget, you could ask all your friends and neighbors to contribute three or four flowers and leaves from their gardens.

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  • birthday parties

    We plan to have the kids pictures in sunflowers, planted in a garden. Using real dirt, seed markers with inspirations written on them, scarecrow and other garden stuff. But we need some ideas to make it flashy and attracts attention with maybe lights, motion, sound etc. Any ideas?

    • OK – the first thing you should do is ask every adult to bring his or her own lawn chair. That solves both the seating shortage problem and the planned seating because everyone will plunk a chair wherever they want to sit. Since it’s an informal BBQ the lawn chairs fit right in. I’m wondering, however, why a pub wouldn’t have extra chairs. Check with them. It’s also possible for you to rent extra chairs and still have seating be informal.

      I love the scarecrow and sunflower idea but how are you going to plant them at the pub? I’d avoid a lot of motion and sound…people will be talking and too many visuals detract from that socialization. Tiny “fairy lights” are always magical, however, in any season and for any reason. So get lots of those and go nuts! Enjoy, C.L.

      PS – Yahoo answers? Not here. 🙂

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