Informal Table Arrangements

If you want simple and informal flowers for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, consider using assorted glass bottles. Gather a variety of containers. The key is to have some aspect about them constant from one to the next…all clear glass with narrow necks, for example. Bottles such as those pictured will hold fewer flowers than wide-necked jars but this might be a good thing, especially for those inexperienced in flower arranging. Mason jars, for example, will require more stems to fill them and take a bit more design skill and time to create attractive arrangements.

Many bottles that contain olive oil, vinegars and other condiments are attractive once they’re washed and the labels removed. When filled with garden flowers and placed in a line, they make pretty and informal centerpieces. Use five or more on a rectangular table, three or more on a round table. You could even do a small arrangement for each place setting and invite your guests to take them home.

Make the bottles fancier or more personal by tying a thin ribbon or raffia around the neck, or by attaching a string tag (available at craft stores in the scrap booking supplies) printed with the wedding date or the couple’s names.

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    Hi hope someone can advise me. We are having our reception in a pub in London with a large garden. We thought as it was fairly informal and we’re laid back types we’d have a BBQ. I sent out invites and to be honest we got more acceptances than we thought we would – and now have 100 attending. About 7 families with small children and babies. Initially I thought people could just sit where ever they fancied cos it is informal but now I’m starting to think if we didn’t have some kind of seating arrangement, the older guests or folk with babies might not get a seat. Also I thought doing a table plan might seem quite pretentious as it’s only a BBQ and not a posh meal that is being served by waiters etc.. Thanks guys. Oh and also I have to say I’m quite inexperienced with this yahoo answers thing so if I don’t reply straight away I don’t mean to be rude.In fact I’m still trying to work out how to reply to peoples comments..:-

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