Are you a do-it-yourself bride?  Fantastic, but be sure to enlist the help of some friends, OK?

That said, here’s how to create an herbal, informal, garden arrangement in a milk-glass vase.

Cut your herbs and flowers the previous day if possible and put them in buckets of water with floral preservative (“flower food”) and store them in a cool room.  Start with your clean vases and some clear floral tape. This is available at any floral supply source and many craft stores.  If your vase is wide at the top it is also helpful to have some clear glass marbles to hold the stems and weight the container. Use the tape to make a grid of four criss-crossing pieces across the top.

Cut the stems of your herbs to be a good length for the vase. Here I’ve used sage, rosemary and oregano that is in bloom.

Insert the herbs into your vase first, pushing the stems down into the marbles to hold them in place.

You don’t have to use a lot of herbs because you’ll have flowers in the vase too.

Put in the biggest flowers first. Any flowers that you have in your garden will probably look good with the herbs, but round shapes are easiest to work with for this type of bouquet, and zinnias, marigolds and dahlias are always great in such informal, country bouquets.

Tuck in smaller flowers and any fine or thin herbs such as the rosemary sprigs last. Here I used Rudbeckia triloba, a small black-eyed Susan.

The combination of bright flowers and herbs are perfect for a garden wedding. 

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