Shrubs that flower are an important part of a garden wedding because they provide color in the landscape and flowers for arrangements. If you already have bushes that flower, think about which ones might be in bloom on your wedding day. If they aren’t in the immediate areas where the ceremony will take place, you might want to consider them for arrangement flowers.

Here’s what you need to think about now:  In the months before the ceremony be sure those shrubs get a good deep soaking once a week if it doesn’t rain. Watering deeply less often is better than a squirt by hand more frequently. Don’t over fertilize…this could do more harm than good. An application of any organic fertilizer in early spring followed by a liquid feed in early summer will be more than enough.

If you want to use flowers from your shrubs in your arrangements be sure to try cutting a couple of stems two weeks before the wedding. Treat these just as you plan to use all the flowers for the event…if you’re planning to use water or oasis, do that for these test stems as well. Make sure the flowers last at least four days so that you’ll know that these blossoms will be fine even if you make the arrangements two or three days in advance.

These are the flowers on one of the summer flowering Spireas called ‘Magic Carpet’. There are several varieties of pink-blooming spires and they are great landscape shrubs and cut flowers.

These informal, country style bouquets use Spirea flowers along with feverfew, circle flower, and purchased purple Lisianthus.

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