You can’t have too many flowers at a garden wedding. Fortunately, pots of blooming plants are functional as well as beautiful. Consider using flowerpots to bring the eye away from difficult or less than attractive locations.

Pots of plants can soften the hard edges of driveways or disguise places that are not as tidy as you might wish. They can also lead people where you want them to go. A line of blooming plants not only draws the eye, but is a visual message to “walk this way.”

The first key to design success here is to use flowerpots that are either all the same or at least made of similar materials and colors. Terra cotta is a natural choice because it’s classic and fits in any garden, but other colors or materials that suit the theme of the wedding are also wonderful.

The second important consideration is the number of containers you use. More is usually better when it comes to flowers, so seven is better than five and fifteen would be heavenly. These potted flowers are doing double-duty after all…they are beautiful and functional. Get twice as many as you think need.

These pots of petunias not only soften the look of the asphalt, but they guide people around this side of the house.

The petunias also hide a sort-of-messy intersection of garden and drive…this gardener didn’t want to edge with cobblestones or have a stretch of mulch, so the pots compliment the garden while disguising the weeds, leaves and ragged edges.

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