For weddings, receptions or rehearsal dinners, candles are almost a must. For a garden event, adding such mood lighting to the landscape can be charming as well. Be they battery operated LED candles or the real thing, one way of displaying them is in groups of glass vases. Cluster vases in various parts of the yard and garden wherever something extra is needed. These can also be used to line paths or mark the edge of patios and decks.

The vases don’t have to be all the same but there should be some unifying element that ties them together visually. For example, they might be all milk glass, clear, or assorted shades of green or purple. One group can differ from the next, which makes this all the more fun to assemble. Months before the wedding you can comb garage sales and thrift shops. Or ask everyone who comes to bridal shower to bring vases from their basement or attic. Once you have a large amount you can sort them into groups of five or seven that look good together.

A grouping of milk glass vases is perfect among the white Snow Princess Alyssum.

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