Add An Herb

Food and bouquets are improved with herbs. Although home-grown bouquets are always wonderful, adding in herbs provides charm and fragrance. Common sage, shown here, is perfect. Oregano, parsley, and basil are also lovely…plant purple or variegated basil in the spring for even more visual spice. And don’t forget the old saying that “Rosemary is for […]

Mixing Home Grown With “Store Bought”

Many brides want to use garden grown flowers for their wedding, but once they start thinking about the number of flowers required, they often realize that they don’t have enough. Fortunately, garden flowers mix very well with those that can be purchased. Just be sure to research which flowers will be available when you need […]

Lovely Lavender

Lavender is a great signature plant for a garden wedding. In many areas it will be in bloom in mid-summer and/or fall. You can buy fresh or dried lavender to tuck into bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and arrangements. And the array of lavender scented favors and gifts ranges from sachets to soaps or candles and beyond. […]

How to Create an Herb & Flower Arrangement

Are you a do-it-yourself bride? Fantastic, but be sure to enlist the help of some friends, OK?

That said, here’s how to create an herbal, informal, garden arrangement in a milk-glass vase.

Cut your herbs and flowers the previous day if possible and put them in buckets of water with floral preservative (“flower food”) and […]

Informal, Inexpensive, Colorful Flowers

Here’s a garden wedding tip for those who are going for the “casual country” look . If the ceremony is in the late summer or fall, you might consider planting zinnias and dahlias this spring. Check out the range of zinnia seeds from Renee’s Garden! They have a wonderful, colorful selection.

Many brides who are […]

Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs that flower are an important part of a garden wedding because they provide color in the landscape and flowers for arrangements. If you already have bushes that flower, think about which ones might be in bloom on your wedding day. If they aren’t in the immediate areas where the ceremony will take place, you […]

Growing Your Own Wedding Flowers

If you are having a wedding in the late summer or fall, and are thinking of growing some of your own wedding flowers, now is the time to plant. Here’s one huge piece of advice for you, however: don’t believe all the descriptions you read in plant and seed catalogs. “Blooms all season” might really […]

Growing Your Own Wedding Flowers

Since many brides are interested in do-it-yourself wedding preparations, one possibility that crosses their minds is growing their own flowers for the ceremony and reception. Yes, you can! Here are a few guidelines:

If you’re planting in the spring for a ceremony that will be held this summer or fall, don’t count on newly planted […]

Informal Table Arrangements

If you want simple and informal flowers for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, consider using assorted glass bottles. Gather a variety of containers. The key is to have some aspect about them constant from one to the next…all clear glass with narrow necks, for example. Bottles such as those pictured will hold fewer flowers […]

Earlier Dahlias

When it comes to homegrown wedding flowers, it’s hard to beat dahlias. Not only are they beautiful, they also come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Dahlias blend well with other flowers as well, so they’re useful for everything from bouquets to table arrangements.

The only possible downside with growing dahlias for […]