Garden Wedding Ideas

Here are two ideas from an outdoor wedding I attended in a rural setting.

Garden Weddings and Mosquitoes

For garden weddings that take place in the evening mosquitoes are a real concern. No one wants the bridal party or guests to be slapping at insects during the ceremony, cocktail hour, or outdoor reception. So a few precautions are in order.

There are several granular mosquito repellents that are made of natural materials. In […]

Advance Planning

If you’re having a wedding in your garden this summer or fall, it’s time to get ready. Although it might be too early to plant in your location, wedding preparations should begin with a trip to your local garden center. No matter how beautiful and full your landscape is right now, you may want to […]

Flower Pots as Problem Solvers

You can’t have too many flowers at a garden wedding. Fortunately, pots of blooming plants are functional as well as beautiful. Consider using flowerpots to bring the eye away from difficult or less than attractive locations.

Pots of plants can soften the hard edges of driveways or disguise places that are not as tidy as […]

Too Much Green!

Some gardens have many green shrubs but nothing blooming during the time when the wedding or party takes place. Although one option is to put annuals in front of these plants or put containers filled with flowers in the area, one quick fix is to use a garden ornament. Be it a birdbath or sculpture, […]