Lovely Lavender

Lavender is a great signature plant for a garden wedding. In many areas it will be in bloom in mid-summer and/or fall. You can buy fresh or dried lavender to tuck into bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and arrangements. And the array of lavender scented favors and gifts ranges from sachets to soaps or candles and beyond. […]

Wedding Inspiration From France

If you visit Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, take time to walk through the village. You’ll see other gardens, not to mention delightful architecture. But other than a suggestion about where you might spend your honeymoon, what can be learned from a French country village? This one, for example:

First we can see the […]

Informal, Inexpensive, Colorful Flowers

Here’s a garden wedding tip for those who are going for the “casual country” look . If the ceremony is in the late summer or fall, you might consider planting zinnias and dahlias this spring. Check out the range of zinnia seeds from Renee’s Garden! They have a wonderful, colorful selection.

Many brides who are […]

Inspiration From The Fair

This photo was taken at a county fair in the garden club tent where garden flowers and foliage competed for ribbons. When I came across this photo I realized that there is inspiration here for an innovative, inexpensive wedding floral display. A group of narrow necked clear bottles could be gathered either in the center […]

Flower Pots as Problem Solvers

You can’t have too many flowers at a garden wedding. Fortunately, pots of blooming plants are functional as well as beautiful. Consider using flowerpots to bring the eye away from difficult or less than attractive locations.

Pots of plants can soften the hard edges of driveways or disguise places that are not as tidy as […]

Elegant But Inexpensive Mood Lighting

For weddings, receptions or rehearsal dinners, candles are almost a must. For a garden event, adding such mood lighting to the landscape can be charming as well. Be they battery operated LED candles or the real thing, one way of displaying them is in groups of glass vases. Cluster vases in various parts of the […]

Balloon Alternatives

Tying balloons to a mailbox, street sign or tree isn’t the only way to mark the location of a garden wedding. Consider the following as alternatives: flags and banners (homemade or purchased), bouquets of large flowers (real or artificial), dozens of ribbons hung in a cluster from branches, small fairy/Christmas lights, or a large container […]

A Sense of Place

There are many reasons people want to be married in a garden. For some it’s important to be outdoors…maybe it’s a “the sky’s the limit” kind of thing. Others want to be surrounded by plants and flowers because it’s beautiful and, perhaps, a symbol of a commitment to growth. For many families the choice of […]

Light For A Night

Do you have a plant in your landscape that has an interesting shape or unusual foliage? A large shrub that is golden or variegated, for example, or an old tree with twisted trunks. If so, think about placing up facing spotlights on that plant for the wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Although permanent outdoor lighting is […]