Garden Wedding Ideas

Here are two ideas from an outdoor wedding I attended in a rural setting.

Making Your Garden Boutonnieres

Making boutonnieres is almost more fun than any other wedding flowers. Boutonnieres are small and they can be quirky. Here are some guidelines for making boutonnieres from your garden.

Look at grasses and seed pods as well as flowers. If you use flowers and other materials that last without water you can make the boutonnieres […]

Mason Jar Arrangements

Do it yourself wedding brides love mason jars. They are widely available (the grocery store!), inexpensive, and casual. Today’s brides are loving a mix of rustic and sophisticated, and mason jars fit right in. Here are a couple of tips for those who love this look.

If you want mason jar arrangements on the table, […]

Add An Herb

Food and bouquets are improved with herbs. Although home-grown bouquets are always wonderful, adding in herbs provides charm and fragrance. Common sage, shown here, is perfect. Oregano, parsley, and basil are also lovely…plant purple or variegated basil in the spring for even more visual spice. And don’t forget the old saying that “Rosemary is for […]

Wedding Inspiration From France

If you visit Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, take time to walk through the village. You’ll see other gardens, not to mention delightful architecture. But other than a suggestion about where you might spend your honeymoon, what can be learned from a French country village? This one, for example:

First we can see the […]