Milk Bottle Bouquets

For a garden or country wedding, milk bottle arrangements can be very sweet. You can buy small, new milk bottles in craft stores very inexpensively, and vintage bottles of all sizes can be collected at yard sales, thrift stores or from online sources such as ebay. These clear glass containers suit garden flowers perfectly.


Container Safari

Doing your own wedding flowers? Tired of canning jars? Time to go on a Safari!

After you decide on a container to use, start hitting the thrift stores and garage sales. If you map out local thrift and consignment stores, you can plan a fun day out, traveling from source to source looking for treasures […]

Informal, Inexpensive, Colorful Flowers

Here’s a garden wedding tip for those who are going for the “casual country” look . If the ceremony is in the late summer or fall, you might consider planting zinnias and dahlias this spring. Check out the range of zinnia seeds from Renee’s Garden! They have a wonderful, colorful selection.

Many brides who are […]

Advance Planning

If you’re having a wedding in your garden this summer or fall, it’s time to get ready. Although it might be too early to plant in your location, wedding preparations should begin with a trip to your local garden center. No matter how beautiful and full your landscape is right now, you may want to […]

Flower Pots as Problem Solvers

You can’t have too many flowers at a garden wedding. Fortunately, pots of blooming plants are functional as well as beautiful. Consider using flowerpots to bring the eye away from difficult or less than attractive locations.

Pots of plants can soften the hard edges of driveways or disguise places that are not as tidy as […]