If you’re having a wedding in your garden this summer or fall, it’s time to get ready. Although it might be too early to plant in your location, wedding preparations should begin with a trip to your local garden center. No matter how beautiful and full your landscape is right now, you may want to improve or add to certain areas in advance of the wedding or rehearsal dinner. This may involve the planting of shrubs and perennials, but you should plan on putting in annuals as well.

Some annuals can be planted early in the season, but most people find that they need to make last minute additions to the garden. Whether your wedding is in June, July, August, September or beyond, you’ll probably need some large pots of annuals for fill-in color. Some garden centers remain fully stocked throughout the growing season, but others bring in fewer plants later in the summer. For your own peace of mind and planning, it is best to know in advance what you can or can’t find locally.

Meet with the person responsible for ordering annuals at your local garden centers and talk to them about your wedding date. Ask what they are likely to either have in stock or are able to bring in during the two weeks before the wedding. Remember that hanging baskets can make wonderful instant fillers: just pop the plants out of the hanger and plant them in the ground or other containers. Some hanging baskets can even be set inside urns or large pots and the hanging wires removed for instant color!

Ask which annuals will be available just before the wedding. Remember that you’ll want larger pots of flowers for fill-ins or last minute additions…small pots of plants won’t produce the instant color you’re looking for.

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